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Find out how the R&D Tax Credit helps small businesses.

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Our team specializes in R&D Tax Credits and how to utilize these benefits to keep your company thriving.
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Zero Upfront Cost
It costs nothing to claim your R&D Tax Credit. We get paid when you get paid.
Worried About Audits?
Fear of the IRS holding you back?
We protect you in the event of an audit. Guaranteed.
No Risk to You
Credits clawed back? HempTax will return any difference in fees.

Are you a qualified small business (QSB)?

Does your small business have:

  • Less than $5 million in gross receipts;
  • Five or fewer years of gross receipts; and
  • Qualifying research expenses (QREs)?

If so, you may be eligible to apply your R&D Tax Credits toward quarterly OASDI payroll tax payments. You can even offset future payroll taxes for up to 20 years, capped at $250,000 per year.

How much money could your hemp company receive?
If a company has $5 million in gross receipts, this only determines eligibility. The actual R&D credit is calculated from a company’s QREs. The R&D credit can only be applied to a company’s Social Security payments (6.2%).
What does this look like?
Hemp Company Has $1.2 Million In Annual QREs
HempTax will discover your qualifying research expenses.
We’ll multiply that by 10% (Federal R&D credit rate).
$120,000 Federal R&D Tax Credits
This tells us how much payroll tax to offset.
$1 million Total Payroll
Multiply Total Payroll by 6.2%
$62,000 Employee Payroll Tax liability per year
Divide by four quarters
$15,500 Payroll Tax Credit Offset per quarter
No Payroll Tax for
23 Months!

This is not too good to be true.

We help hemp companies every day discover their eligible tax credits so they can reinvest in their companies and drive innovation in the hemp industry. Are you ready to save on your payroll taxes? Contact one of our HempTax associates and claim this valuable tax credit today.

Find out how much you’ll earn.

Enter your estimated expenses for your business to find out how much you stand to get back.
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