Diversify Your Income & Save Your Clients Money

Become a referral partner with HempTax and help grow your network.

Residual Income

Earn up to 10% of HempTax’s fees.

No Hidden Fees

HempTax returns money directly to your referral’s business. No upfront fees, ever.

Maximize Your Value

Lean on us and optimize your services. Let our team of R&D Tax Credit professionals guide your client through the process.

Earn more from your network

Are you a CPA, accountant, business consultant, fractional CFO, or in a similar role? We help you offer additional services to your clients with no heavy lifting from you.

Your clients gain access to a source of non-dilutive funding and you're able to add another revenue stream to your business. It's a win-win!

Earn More From  Your Network

Ready to become a hemp partner?

Connect your network with more capital so they can reinvest in their people, plants, and mission. Earn a referral fee and be a part of hemp's future!
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